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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Tokyo.

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ID 127091

Russel Cheng

Co-founder @readerie; Co-founder XM Asia, acq by WPP Group; Founded Organic Asia, IPO in 2000; Worked at @microsoft, Beacon Communications/Leo Burnett Japan.

ID 321347

Mika Takagi

Stanford MBA, has extensive network of creators, designers and people in the media industry in Japan

ID 174506

Stephanie Ardrey

Founder @iVentLABS Business Accelerator, @ArdreyGroup LLC • Partner at @K5 Launch Alliance @maverick Angels

ID 36883

Federico Bucchi

My studies and strong interest in information and communications technology, computer science, social networking and the web have become my career.

ID 151294

Dave Jenkins

VP Marketing, Fluent Japanese, founder @mediabang-com • Worked @backcountry-com, @red-hat

ID 109745

Aaron Rutledge

Founder @little-arrows & @valet-1, previously founder @poke-new-york and @winedirect.

ID 43386

Mayel de Borniol

@babelverse Co-Founder. Glomad. Ideator. Hacker. Maker. Winner @ LeWeb, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch Disrupt. Alumni @500startups, @startupchile, @startupweekend

ID 62293

Norman Rohr


Head APAC SMB Acquisition Mktg, @google PAST: Global Finance Lead b2b Mktg, @google Head Finance & Operations, @svox (acquired by Nuance)

ID 21420

Yu Shinohara

Co-Founder and CEO @amazinglife, Japan Country manager @dropmysite, Previous Founder and CEO @everconnect.

ID 119789

Tushar Khandelwal

Helping travelers discover unique experiences @voyagin. Indian tech geek / entrepreneur from Japan, @columbia-university Eng grad, previously @producteev, @social-bicycles

ID 44823

Shinji Asada


Director, ITOCHU Technology Ventures.

ID 80882

Tak Tsuchiya

Co-founder of Remotus and currently in charge of business development.

ID 268458

Heather R Morgan

Economist, Writer & Globetrotter. Cold emails are my superpower. @500startups

ID 103239

Kyohei Teshima

Serial Entrepreneur, Growth Hacker & Rock'n Roll Guitarist

ID 21655

Michael Hoydich

Firestarter @ Think Gaming // Previous: co-founder, @squrl, @industrynext

ID 168344

Yokoi Takanori

COO of Increments,the top prize company of Open Network Lab 4th batch.Open Network Lab is one of the most famous incubation in japan.Worked at Rakuten.

ID 81793

Hilo Iketani

CEO at E-Fi Entreprenuer. Independent Marketing Consultant and CMO for start-ups. Strong Business Background. Looking for a job.

ID 290443

Sam Cohan

Berkeley MFE, Waterloo Comp Eng, International Experience Designing and Developing World Class Software Systems, Working with Large Data Sets

ID 196529

Emi Takemura

Co-founder and Asia Lead of @peatix. Marketing and business development are primary strengths. 15+ yr in B2C and B2B internet space in Japan.

ID 194111

Fon Tran

Founder @yoketown, Sence • Worked at @goldman-sachs, @morgan-stanley • Studied at @stanford-university, @university-of-waterloo

ID 389587

Justin Clune

MS from Todai, BS from Berkeley. Studied IT management and photoelectrochemical water splitting. Speaks Japanese, Spanish, and Pirate be me native tongue.

ID 151494

Derek Underwood

Carnegie Mellon Engineering undergrad and MBA. Business management generalist with a bent toward strategy and development.

ID 396193

Bernadette Castillo

ID 226900

Takuya Itamoto

Founder & CEO of Startouts Inc

ID 242108

Hide Furutani

Technology-oriented business development expert specializing in Mobile, Internet and ICT with international experience and local expertise in Japan and Asia

ID 438263

Tatsuhei Asanuma

Executive Officer at GREE,Inc. Worked at @linkshare, • Studied at @sophia University

ID 358532

Takuro Kasahara

Former Principal of Japanese VC firm. Strong and unique background in venture financing and software engineering.

ID 63473

Masa Nakatsu

Co-Founder, CEO of CoinPass. Ex Director, Regional Head of APAC, Global RTB Team, at Criteo, BD Manager at Groupon, also Co-Founder of Musavy

ID 422366

David Cowgill


Founded AppThemes. Seasoned entrepreneur with strong expertise in Online Marketing and Web Development. Early employee at

ID 341719

Christopher Organ

USC Business Administration-Cinematic Arts Graduate

ID 125196

Asia Fondue

Planner at @digital-garage, Tokyo. Project Management related to incubation of mobile and web applications in the Japanese market. PR, marketing expertize.

ID 65669

Hiroaki Taira

CEO of GOOPA Inc. Lived in Silicon Valley for 8.5 years. Animation major at Tokyo Polytechnic University. Worked at amana inc. as newly graduate.

ID 120916

Ryutaro Yokoyama

Founder of Etsuri

ID 129153

Vincent Sider

Founder @nipponterest, @aviationfanclub • Worked at @bbc-worldwide, @bt-group • Studied at @ecole-des-mines-de-paris

ID 44495

Silver Hage

Serial entrepreneur. Co-Founder at @basaar & @siison. Studied marketing and finance at the University of Tartu and Waseda University in Tokyo.

ID 379847

Esteban Miyashiro

Startups and large corporations work experience in management positions. MBA holder. Technical background & business experience. Trilingual (Japanese, English and Spanish)

ID 314520

Jordan Adams

Creative, independent professional with experience working abroad in hospitality, travel and trip planning and online editorial content management.

ID 221892

James Hollow

CEO at Profero Tokyo, Founder Growth Hacking Japan, 500 Startups Mentor. Japan-focused brand strategist & growth hacker, bilingual, WPP Fellow, OxfordUni MPhys

ID 418224

Tyler Breton

Founder & CEO @makemoji, Co-Founder @quickfra-me, Investor RealVu, Founder Saving Power (RIP); @bentley-university University BS 2009

ID 164175

George Cheng

Worked at @goldman-sachs • Studied at University of Pennsylvania

ID 416124

Akihito Morita

Consultant of iOS and Android App Tracking. Knowledge of Japanese mobile market and culture.

ID 429690

Adam Nguyen

Harvard Econ, Business Analyst at Rakuten's ecommerce unit with posts in business planning, marketing analysis, and business intelligence.

ID 39243

Yuichi Kori

Founder of Otsumu Inc.

ID 586821

Ruri Eguchi

ID 125991

Yusuke Ohsaki

Founder @bulqy • Worked at @deloitte-consulting, @sap

ID 21907

John Zhuang

Corporate Lawyer, Government Relations Consultant, and Business Development Specialist with deep working knowledge of the tech sectors in US, Europe, and Asia.

ID 380188

Selena Bennett

Bilingual Project Manager

ID 378579

安田一斗 (Kazuto Yasuda)

神奈川生まれ・US育ち/一橋大学経済学部/音楽雑食家/ギター弾き/SydneyMarathon2010完走(4h34m)/road bike(Anchor RNC3)で九州1周1,000kmの旅/Shoot Boxing

ID 109129

Isao Matsushima

Founder @fishbonn, FishBonn • Worked at @j-drive-communications • Studied at @boston-university

ID 485377

Brittney Herron

Teach for America Alumni, Princeton '11, UC Denver '13

ID 184635

Nobuyuki Tanaka

ID 559654


Chicago Booth MBA, Monterrey Tech Computer Engineer, work experience in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

ID 440821

Kei Oka

Internship at startup in Japan. I do HTML, CSS, jQuery, and PHP. I am major in international business. Looking for a job in San francisco.

ID 694049

Kana Nakako

Sport marketing planner at ad agency. Strong relationship with Japanese Olympic Committee, and other national federations.

ID 549244

Steven Yuen

Economics student at Emory University; Prior experiences in real estate, and accounting in a non-profit company.

ID 103494

Masahiko INADA

Masahiko Inada is a Founder & CEO at kabuku Inc., a leading startup relating making things in Japan.

ID 135639

Hideyuki Shoda

Co-Founder and CEO of 10SEC

ID 336388

Ian Argyle

Project Development and Execution Wizard

ID 160595

Kazunobu Seto

Founder @makamaka

ID 179865

Evgeny Lazarenko

PhD in Robotics (Tokyo Tech). Startup geek.

ID 468016

Kharisma Nitiputra

Production engineer for high-performance sportscars. Strong mechanical and industrial engineering background. Passionate about cars and driving.

ID 666952

Shun Sakurai

Co-founder/COO of Oarket Inc. in Japan. We are planning to move our office to CA, USA. Studied at University of Tokyo.

ID 689907

Victoria Healey

Canadian English teacher in Japan and foreign culture correspondent, promotor of Japanese culture amongst foreigners.

ID 534177

Catherine Huntington

Business and Japanese Studies graduate with international start-up content management experience.

ID 563494

Shaun Harkness

Asia-based marketing and product management consultant.

ID 439963

Yo Okubo

Working experiences in various jobs such as import/export, marketing, licensing, foods, translator, negotiator and etc.

ID 694802

Caylon Neely

Intrigued by all aspects of marketing and promotion. Loving events and spreading a message. Currently exploring the world to absorb as much as I can in it.

ID 75023

Michael Hellwig

Ecommerce & Business Analyst

ID 264500

Takamasa Doi

Worked at @aiesec, @nidec-corporation • Studied at @tokyo-university

ID 413743

Nikola Pavesic

project manager and system analyst based in Japan. Running projects on a short deadline. Passionate about the strong feedback culture and UX. Enjoys innovating.

ID 645553

Sabina Yulo

ID 500128

Marius Giese

Digital Marketing Lead @ Reach7. Responsible for growth across all digital channels. SEO/SEM, Social, Content Marketing, Lead Generation

ID 309740

Jon Clemons

Tokyo, Japan-based marketer, entrepreneur, tea aficionado and outdoorsman.

ID 176373

Buddy Brown

Supported Overseas Launches of 3 Japan Technology SME's through executive coaching, technical communication and business strategy

ID 222419

Simon Dennett

Product Designer @ Cerego Japan. Soup to nuts product guy. Strategy to deploy. Team leader, user experience architect, front end dev, visual designer, nice guy!

ID 115203

C. Demetrakos

Japan. Two decades, marketing, strategy, m&a, deals in b. Actually knows what "wa" means. Rode the 9.0 no hands.

ID 693114

Gavin Smith

Internationally minded and experienced Sales, Marketing, HR and creative thinker with bundles of energy and positivity.

ID 377614

Koji Hirayama

5 new start up at Japan from scratch. 2 re-built Japan office and business development. 2 own businesses creation. 1 pure start up at US.

ID 614100

Carl Patrick Zam Zam


ID 317098

Hiroshi Sotome

ID 81079

Wada Masataka

CEO of @miracoro. Master of pharmacy. worked at parexel international, dispensing pharmacy.

ID 675217

Minae Miko Ito

ID 643947

Ved Kamat

Multilingual, MBA graduate, Innovation and new business development consultant, emerging markets strategy

ID 439603

Gauthier Ginisty

French EMLyon business school student. Interested in the ways businesses emerge, connect with people and make things that matter.

ID 568412

Sonia S

Smart city and social innovation consultant in Asia

ID 102973

Hiroyuki Fujihara

New Business Creator

ID 256198


ID 695565

Eric Sato

10 Year Expatriate - Bilingual Digital Marketing Professional. Natural leader. SEO SEM CMS Data-Driven, Innovator, User/Customer-first mentality.

ID 300219

Andreas Hofmann

Project Manager and Marketing Associate at @marono-media-k-k University of Bern MBA 2008

ID 403230

Ryotaro Chikushi

Founder MoreTrax

ID 541319

Sho Mitsuya

Studied International Economics and currently working as an International Exhibition Organizer at Reed Exhibition; good at project planning and excution.

ID 325502

Ayumi Fukaya

Social Media Rock Star

ID 79809

Konno Motoi

Co founder of @mashroom-fm. @mashroom-fm help people playing instruments at home and participate in virtual jam session and practice with others.

ID 194033

Kazuki Otsuka

Founder of @thinkx-inc

ID 106868

Koji Wada

Worked at @nec-biglobe

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