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ID 316313

Garrett Albright

PHP/Drupal web developer; 7+ years professional experience from California to Tokyo; currently in Boise. ObjC/Ruby too. Looking for additional contract work.

ID 99067

Kensuke Oikawa

ID 300219

Andreas Hofmann

Project Manager and Marketing Associate at @marono-media-k-k University of Bern MBA 2008

ID 36883

Federico Bucchi

My studies and strong interest in information and communications technology, computer science, social networking and the web have become my career.

ID 272754

Michael Reinsch

Co-Founder of Doorkeeper. Enthusiastic Web Developer (10+ years) and Entrepreneur. Startup Weekend Facilitator.

ID 35147

Kenichi Takano

Team member of @marketgeek.

ID 115375

Nao Iizuka

A jack-of-all-trades developer who code both front-end and back-end with 10 years of experience.

ID 165928

Akiko Takahashi

Artist, programmer, columnist, translator etc. Worked at @ibm, @sun-microsystems • Studied at @kyoto-university

ID 43086

Josef Dunne

Co-Founder/CEO of @babelverse. TEDx Organiser. Community Builder. Jungle Survivor. Frequent Traveller & Glomad.

ID 25505

Bart T. Sitek

Founder @securo, @instatrip

ID 303758

Keisuke Kojima

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