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ID 109129

Isao Matsushima

Founder @fishbonn, FishBonn • Worked at @j-drive-communications • Studied at @boston-university

ID 698770

Kash Faheem

Los Angeles / Tokyo • Startup and Big Data Enthusiast • Quant Analyst & Engineer @raytheon • Previously @nasa-jpl • BS, MBA, MSBA

ID 314520

Jordan Adams

Creative, independent professional with experience working abroad in hospitality, travel and trip planning and online editorial content management.

ID 687696

Michio Montgomery

Representative Director & CEO of White Knight Capital and Global Educational Partners

ID 140191

Keizo Tsutsui


Angel and Int'l BizDev at NEXT. Joined Rakuten in 1999 when sales was $6 million, grew it to $1.2 billion in 2005. Then joined a VC, helped 2 startups thru IPO.

ID 418224

Tyler Breton

Founder & CEO @makemoji, Co-Founder @quickfra-me, Investor RealVu, Founder Saving Power (RIP); @bentley-university University BS 2009

ID 196529

Emi Takemura

Co-founder and Asia Lead of @peatix. Marketing and business development are primary strengths. 15+ yr in B2C and B2B internet space in Japan.

ID 555324

Eko Nonoyama

Worked at @re-al-sandbox

ID 563494

Shaun Harkness

Asia-based marketing and product management consultant.

ID 242108

Hide Furutani

Technology-oriented business development expert specializing in Mobile, Internet and ICT with international experience and local expertise in Japan and Asia

ID 627610

Natalie Shiori Fleming

Born in Vancouver, Canada but Tokyo is home now. Fintech & Japan market expert, over 8 years experience building new businesses and services in finance & EC

ID 80882

Tak Tsuchiya

Co-founder of Remotus and currently in charge of business development.

ID 619433

Taehwan Kim

Head of Worldwide Corporate and Business Development at @nexon

ID 21907

John Zhuang

Corporate Lawyer, Government Relations Consultant, and Business Development Specialist with deep working knowledge of the tech sectors in US, Europe, and Asia.

ID 655385

Shelley Lau - シェリーロウ


Investor: @pinterest, @500startups , @ahalife, @viber ; Founder:; Advisor: @adaptics; Investment/biz role at R Group, @credit-suisse, @ibm; MBA/MS at MIT

ID 698804

Sam Thomas

Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships @ HPC.

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