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ID 1647

Robert Laing


CEO and co-Founder of Gengo

ID 47123

Sunny Tsang

Co-founder of @anyperk. co-founded @goood-company, which was acquired. co-founded AppDorks. Designer.

ID 197500

Maurio Leon Guerrero

Product Design. UI. Director of Product Design @zendesk

ID 63473

Masa Nakatsu

Co-Founder, CEO of CoinPass. Ex Director, Regional Head of APAC, Global RTB Team, at Criteo, BD Manager at Groupon, also Co-Founder of Musavy

ID 115011

Takayuki Miyauchi

Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer and Engineer of @sassor. He has been working on Interaction designer.

ID 84040

Franky Chung

CTO of @language-cloud

ID 15521

Craig Mod


Writer, designer. Previously product designer for @flipboard. Advisor for @medium, @955dreams. Mentor at @500startups & @designer-fund. Investor in @oyster, @editorially, @tokyo-otaku-mode, @timbuktu-labs. 2011 TechFellow. 2012 MacDowell fellow.

ID 228442

Dmitri Tcherbadji

Artist, Founder @artsocket @eureka-1 @hechnr-business-engines-inc-1

ID 44823

Shinji Asada


Director, ITOCHU Technology Ventures.

ID 68115

Atsushi Nagase

Owner, Software engineer of @LittleApps Inc.

ID 140649

Barbara Lippe

Founder. Art Director. Launched mobile app Area Now. Game industry conference planner. Worked @ startups in Tokyo & Vienna. Speaker @ MIT, GDC, Gamescom. PhD.

ID 64877

Calvin Chun-yu Chan

Designer, UI Engineer, UX Advocate, Digital Illustrator, Sketchnoter.

ID 346377

Brandon Woo


Engineer with a strong focus on UX. Trilingual, native level proficiency in English/Chinese/Japanese. Worked at Zynga and various Japanese IT firms.

ID 36883

Federico Bucchi

My studies and strong interest in information and communications technology, computer science, social networking and the web have become my career.

ID 122133

Tomoya Konishi

co-founder of Increments.

ID 19530

Shu Uesugi

Hacker @edsurge

ID 20170

Denny Britz

Builds stuff. CS @berkeley and @stanford-university. Likes Machine Learning, Big Data, UX Design, Lean Startups. Lived in US, Germany, Japan, Thailand.

ID 215635

Satoshi Sugie

Co-Founder & CEO @whill , @smile-park, @500startups • Worked at @nissan-motors • Studied at @ritsumeikan-asia-pacific-university, @nanjing University(China)

ID 136858

Barry Lachapelle

Designer with 12 years experience currently at IDEO Tokyo. Love to chat about ideas.

ID 96648

Jimi Jackson

ID 222419

Simon Dennett

Product Designer @ Cerego Japan. Soup to nuts product guy. Strategy to deploy. Team leader, user experience architect, front end dev, visual designer, nice guy!

ID 78220

Lance Quejada

I am a User Interface Designer and a hybrid one, a sweeper, who knows how to craft pixels and enjoy cranking codes at the same time.

ID 643947

Ved Kamat

Multilingual, MBA graduate, Innovation and new business development consultant, emerging markets strategy

ID 389587

Justin Clune

MS from Todai, BS from Berkeley. Studied IT management and photoelectrochemical water splitting. Speaks Japanese, Spanish, and Pirate be me native tongue.

ID 438390

Charles Ovink

Lead on @pelikan-projects, United Nations international project management system

ID 577545

Graham Bowkett

Established Graphic Designer with a strong multimedia background and a varied portfolio.

ID 98831

Hidenari Aizawa

CEO, Founder

ID 146057

Jérôme Sénaillat

Form/Function. Tokyo/Paris.

ID 300219

Andreas Hofmann

Project Manager and Marketing Associate at @marono-media-k-k University of Bern MBA 2008

ID 211162

Kelvin Tay

NUS School of Computing, Interface Redesign @ TripAdvisor, Best Project (E-Business Capstone), human language maestro, failed first startup @ 20

ID 497404

Susumu Kato

Worked at @recruit, @recruit Holdings • Studied at @keio-university

ID 301606

Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko

EPITECH CS, full-stack web nerd with a focus on front-end development and UI/UX design. Co-founded LocalRepublic.

ID 91333

Erick Mazer Yamashita

ID 598608

Takahiro Inoue

Designer,launched 3 apps for Apple store

ID 135639

Hideyuki Shoda

Co-Founder and CEO of 10SEC

ID 273626

Joshua S Lundquist

Hope to start a digital music music (DTP) & graphic / web design school for kids in Tokyo

ID 531393

Laurence Bowen

worked with some of the biggest companys in Australia ANZ, MYOB to name a few and designed 5 apps in the app store and 3 non-customer facing apps lanched.

ID 102932

Hiroki Sato

Developer / UX Designer.

ID 194033

Kazuki Otsuka

Founder of @thinkx-inc

ID 101484

Yusuke Ohsaki

ID 293235


Yoshihide Takeda 9-4-701 Sanbancho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Japan 102-0075 Phone +81 3 5226 5752 [email protected] Age: 43 Nationality: American CAREER SUMMARY 10+ years managerial experience in IT industry - PMP Cerified Project Manager with prove

ID 478761

George Arriola

Founder, President & COO @monohm. Global UX & Product Design for @sony on PlayStation 4 / Xperia / 4K. @apple led OSX / iOS UX frameworks for HTML5. Autodidact.

ID 292556

Yuichi Akimoto

lead front-end engineer. I launched 7 seccessfull social games.

ID 345017

Massimo Marolda

ID 648086

Joseph Zammit

Digital Front End Designer/Developer with over 8 years experience

ID 695565

Eric Sato

10 Year Expatriate - Bilingual Digital Marketing Professional. Natural leader. SEO SEM CMS Data-Driven, Innovator, User/Customer-first mentality.

ID 295644

Andrew Cameron

Owner Muchacho Clothing. Founded 2007. Worked at Macquarie Bank, JP Morgan, Citco Fund Services. We are a swim and streetwear brand based in Sydney, Australia

ID 432924

Trent McBride

Founder of Tadaku. Australian designer based in Tokyo, working globally.

ID 77279

Xiang Wu


ID 87333

ibrahim güvendikler

industrial designer I offer innovation product designs and ideas by creativity that is changeable to profit based on "new".

ID 183786

Daichi Sakota

Freelance user experience designer / user interface designer. Worked at Yahoo Japan (2008-2012)

ID 112824

Yuichi Ohori

Web Designer, Illustrator

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