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ID 360743

Tokiharu Noto

Hacker • Founder @wazanova • Worked at @dena, @ntt

ID 128273

Herman Schaaf

Full Stack Generalist, developer at Gengo

ID 541692

Maja Komel

junior developer

ID 29445

Nicholas Wang

Co-founder at @100village Driven to solve big social problems. Co-founded @makible, product managed [email protected] Ex @yahoo, @microsoft.

ID 200689

Alejandro Wainzinger

UCSC Comp Sci B.S., web (backend mostly, Ruby, Python, PHP), desktop development (Qt/C++). Loves music, natural languages, traveling. Working in Tokyo.

ID 16793

Eric Nakagawa

Co-founder of @simplehoney, shopping simplified. Founder of @icanhascheezburger. Millions of lols.

ID 68587

Dominiek ter Heide

CTO & Co-founder of @bottlenose. Created web products, companies and development teams in Japan, Europe and US. Comp sci background. #machinelearning #bigdata

ID 408911

Jonathan Levine


Management Sensei ◦ Infrastructure Samurai ◦ Analytics Otaku ◦ Architecture Ninja. 1st programming job at 14. Effective in teams of 4 to 10,000.

ID 114733

Kenneth Auchenberg

Interface Developer with a passion for user experience

ID 91964

Paul Oswald

First visited Japan in 2005. Founded MakeLeaps in 2010 to focus my 12+ years of software experience in startups and enterprise on the Japanese SME space.

ID 5950

Michael Madison


Founded Cocoon Ventures & World TaSCforce. Crossborder VC. Worked at @apple, @tellme-networks. Studied at @stanford-university, @university-of-california-berkeley, @university-of-maryland-baltimore-county

ID 145904

Ryan McGrath

Self-taught developer, designer, and author; consulted with companies across the world, always looking for new and interesting technology.

ID 402486

Ryo Chikazawa

Former DeNA full-stack engineer specialized in front-end for successful social games and credited for a popular HTML5 OSS. Co-Founded 2 companies in Tokyo.

ID 115011

Takayuki Miyauchi

Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer and Engineer of @sassor. He has been working on Interaction designer.

ID 43386

Mayel de Borniol

@babelverse Co-Founder. Glomad. Ideator. Hacker. Maker. Winner @ LeWeb, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch Disrupt. Alumni @500startups, @startupchile, @startupweekend

ID 84040

Franky Chung

CTO of @language-cloud

ID 32331

Soon Hin Khor

Ph.D (Univ. of Tokyo), M. Sc (Carnegie Mellon Univ.), B.Eng (Nat. Univ. of Singapore). Worked at IBM Singapore, IBM Tokyo Research Lab, NICT Japan,

ID 102026

Daisuke Horie

Founder @fullcourt • Worked at @amazon, @yahoo-japan, @peatix, @six-apart • @500startups Mentor

ID 302469

Nao Tokui

Co-Founder and CTO of @unda. Studied at Tokyo University. Devoted surfer and PhD of Engineering.

ID 80879

Mark McFarlane

Founder @vinetrade • Worked at @marono-media-k-k, @peatix • Studied at @university-of-sussex, @university-of-brighton

ID 331879

Takamitsu Mizutori

Working on @unda as Android developer. Have made more than 30 apps for iOS and Android devices. Founder of @goldrush-computing (Tokyo based app dev company)

ID 36883

Federico Bucchi

My studies and strong interest in information and communications technology, computer science, social networking and the web have become my career.

ID 6869

Ian Wilson

Japan Market Entry Manager and Senior AI Developer at Skimlinks (User Intent and Text understanding), Founder of @expressi (emotional relevance), @emotion-ai. Co Founded @zukool (machine learning / recommendation). BSc Artificial Intelligence.

ID 19530

Shu Uesugi

Hacker @edsurge

ID 290443

Sam Cohan

Berkeley MFE, Waterloo Comp Eng, International Experience Designing and Developing World Class Software Systems, Working with Large Data Sets

ID 186663

Joel Dietz

Codes. Dreams. @Penn @Brown @salesforce MVP. Founder @swarm

ID 109745

Aaron Rutledge

Founder @little-arrows & @valet-1, previously founder @poke-new-york and @winedirect.

ID 35010

Sascha Konietzke

Mobile, web & cloud enthusiast. Webmaster at VC-funded startup with 15. Former IT Consulting + Web Ops at HP. Previous mobile startup experience. iOS developer.

ID 122129

Hiroshige Umino

CEO of Increments, the top prize company of Open Network Lab 4th batch. Worked at @google, @hatena.

ID 346377

Brandon Woo


Engineer with a strong focus on UX. Trilingual, native level proficiency in English/Chinese/Japanese. Worked at Zynga and various Japanese IT firms.

ID 102976

Ash Eldritch

Software engineer with 14 years’ experience as a technology leader, architect and entrepreneur in enterprise & high-volume web. Building a Google Glass startup.

ID 464479

Adam Smith

C#.NET, MSSQL Web & Desktop Developer / Consultant

ID 20170

Denny Britz

Builds stuff. CS @berkeley and @stanford-university. Likes Machine Learning, Big Data, UX Design, Lean Startups. Lived in US, Germany, Japan, Thailand.

ID 538290

Federico Bucchi

Front End Engineer, UXD

ID 154515

Chao Zhang

Co-Founder | President | CTO of ubi interactive inc. / @ubi-interactive / Human Computer Interaction, ex-Vodafone, ex-Siemens, ex-Philips, CDTM, TUM Alumnus

ID 247844

Gerhard Fasol

Cambridge Univ/Cavendish Laboratory PhD in Physics. Entrepreneur/Founder in Tokyo/Japan worked with 100s of high-tech companies on business development and strategy in Japan

ID 355441

Alexander Wilhelm

Manager - Client Engineering @cinemacraft, Partner and CTO at BluSoft Inc., Strong background in UI/UX & Backend design and implementation. Never sleeps.

ID 260452

Sergio Arcos Sebastián

Researcher, Security Auditor, Developer, Software Architect, Enterpreteneur, ...

ID 22285

Akihiko Yamada

Founder @j-grab-inc • Worked at @ebay, @yahoo-japan

ID 238260

Dmytro Yashkir

Currently Nodejs, Rails, iOS. Love coding, making things, running and rockclimbing

ID 358532

Takuro Kasahara

Former Principal of Japanese VC firm. Strong and unique background in venture financing and software engineering.

ID 68115

Atsushi Nagase

Owner, Software engineer of @LittleApps Inc.

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 701844

Lucas Doyle

ID 301606

Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko

EPITECH CS, full-stack web nerd with a focus on front-end development and UI/UX design. Co-founded LocalRepublic.

ID 64877

Calvin Chun-yu Chan

Designer, UI Engineer, UX Advocate, Digital Illustrator, Sketchnoter.

ID 570801

Bart Riepe

Webdeveloper, Nerd and Idealist

ID 253906

Koichiro Sumi

I gave a lot of iPhone apps. I was ranked in the category of App Store rankings of America. I made ​​a reward media in CyberAgent. It was a great success.

ID 50681

Hiro Fukami

ex-Co-founder of @fluxflex. Network/Infra Engineer, @amazon EC2/AutoScaling, iPhone Apps Dev, Internet Backbone Operation(BGP). Worked at NTT, IRI, transcosmos

ID 102165

Jon Keating

CTO at @frafty

ID 40350

Russ Ferguson

Interactive Developer Web/Device Developing Second Screen experiences

ID 78056

Toby Hoenisch

StudyPact Founder. MSc in Big Data. Deep passion for behavioral design. Entrepreneur & full-stack dev since age 10. I get things done.

ID 389587

Justin Clune

MS from Todai, BS from Berkeley. Studied IT management and photoelectrochemical water splitting. Speaks Japanese, Spanish, and Pirate be me native tongue.

ID 291082

Julien Cayzac

(complete later)

ID 194111

Fon Tran

Founder @yoketown, Sence • Worked at @goldman-sachs, @morgan-stanley • Studied at @stanford-university, @university-of-waterloo

ID 446

Nino Popa

Software Developer, Engineer, Founder. Worked at @business-objects. Worked in Japan, Canada, Romania, India.

ID 87277

Neil Rubens

Assistant Professor (Machine Learning) @university-of-electro-communications Tokyo, Japan

ID 47141

Yuki Nishijima

Ruby on Rails contributor, Kaminari maintainer(watched by +2600 on Github). experience in programming for +10 years.

ID 87720

Yusuke Kawasaki

Chief Architect at Recruit Co., Ltd

ID 453381

Tomohiro Nakamura


ID 39243

Yuichi Kori

Founder of Otsumu Inc.

ID 122470

Ryo Kawamura

Software engineer who has speciality in machine learning.

ID 513669

Ulas Bardak

Founder @coffeebreak • Worked at @stumbleupon, @microsoft • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 272001

Rishabh Mahajan

Worked at @rakuten, @metaps • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-delhi

ID 338606

Yutaka Ichibangase

CTO of Postmore. Lifelong programmer. Dev experience from teamLab inc. (4 years). Studied at Kyushu Institute of Technology(2007).

ID 660497

Dave Seyb

Founder NZBCX • Worked at @hsbc, @nomura • Studied at @victoria-university-of-wellington, @deakin-university

ID 339197

Masahiro Saito

Developer of Increments, ex-Kamado CTO(acquired by mixi)

ID 72749

Yoshi Iketani

Owner & CIO of @skyavy, INC.

ID 286729

Will Glozer

14 years of programming experience in many languages, on many platforms, from mobile apps to scalable backend systems. Significant infrastructure & sysops exp.

ID 264357

Dan Boswell

5 years realtime trading systems in C++, 3 years development platforms and algorithmic trading in Python. Excellent communicator, enthusiastic learner.

ID 96648

Jimi Jackson

ID 387404

Yoki Okawa

Statistician/Data mining specialist with Ph.D. in econometrics and computational macroeconomics. Also, full stack Rails developer.

ID 209312

Daisuke Fujimura

Mid to expert level Rails programmer.

ID 211162

Kelvin Tay

NUS School of Computing, Interface Redesign @ TripAdvisor, Best Project (E-Business Capstone), human language maestro, failed first startup @ 20

ID 135639

Hideyuki Shoda

Co-Founder and CEO of 10SEC

ID 20728

Keiji Ono


CEO of @net8. I met the internet in 1995 at the first. In that time i worked for JustNet that was ISP of Justsytem corp. Then found own company in 1999.

ID 301066

Paul Contreras

see my profile in linkedin

ID 520391

Ryo Suzuki

Founder and developer of Cumiki. Ph.D student at University of Tokyo department of Economics. I'm a developer of Node, Rails, and iOS.

ID 325103

Hiroki Takeuchi Ph.D.


ID 355965

Shawn Smith

Software engineer with experience writing Python, Node.js, and Go as well as functional programming languages such as Racket.

ID 3508

Kevin Dias

Experienced Ruby on Rails programmer. Business, analytics and finance background. Previously worked at @pnc-capital-markets.

ID 331351

Toshiyuki Oka

Rails programmer, Sales, New bussiness developer, Launched 2 facebook app

ID 234635

Eleftherios Karapetsas

Awarded the Monbukagakusho scholarship issued by the Japanese government for research in Japan. Received a master degree in Engineer form Tokyo unviersity.

ID 263396

Victoria Lopez Clemente

Founder @mystar-japan-business-solutions-1 • Worked at @gembiosoft • Studied at @universidad-politecnica-de-valencia

ID 436902

Masato Otake

iOS Developer for 2 years. I made 1 game app on AppStore. Now making 1 Parse connected app. Keio univ. CS B3 in Japan. Worked at tekunodo inc. for 1 year.

ID 467009

Etienne Noreau-Hebert

Founder and CTO of @liine • Worked at @vantrix • Studied at @university-of-montreal • Maker of things

ID 139964

Benjamin Sullivan

Founder/Engineer @tadaku • Studied at @university-of-massachusetts-amherst • Bostonian abroad

ID 520402

Shohei Aoki

Founder Cumiki

ID 667339

Hiroya Chiba

Expert software engineer who is also good at designing high-end yet simple clean easy-to-use software. Worked in Silicon Valley and Japan.

ID 165928

Akiko Takahashi

Artist, programmer, columnist, translator etc. Worked at @ibm, @sun-microsystems • Studied at @kyoto-university

ID 339584

Yusuke Aono

Working at I&G Partners, Inc.

ID 494983

Cain Lu

Founder @tier5 • Worked at @google, @microsoft • B.S./M.S @johns-hopkins-university

ID 550880

Minoru Kawamoto

A full-stack software engineer, currently located in Tokyo.

ID 287779

Masakazu Ohtsuka

iOS + node.js/golang + Ops, launched

ID 98831

Hidenari Aizawa

CEO, Founder

ID 281841

Ryuji Matsumura

Working on @appsocially. Love Arc.

ID 585469

André Kenji Horie

PhD student at University of Tokyo; Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning; Worked at IBM and Portugal Telecom

ID 38500

Hiroshi Shimo

Web Developer ex-startup founder & CEO: AHO Corporation(former @netaten-inc

ID 446108

Alexandre Balon-Perin

MS in Computer engineering, launched a webapp called Goodmoove, published in an international journal, looking for a challenge!

ID 341898

Amar Akshat

Full stack enthusiast, with experiences into low level Kernel hacking and efficient API development, motivated to lead Startups to success.

ID 331315

Dewayne Debbs

Web developer extraordinaire, Scrum master, Telecommute consultant (US Citizen)

ID 322505

Gavin Thomas

A Software Engineering professional with 15 years experience of both Software Engineering teams, and customer-facing Consultancy Services

ID 194033

Kazuki Otsuka

Founder of @thinkx-inc

ID 568690

Nguyen Minh Tuan

Interested in business in VietNam

ID 135623

Kenichi Kurosaki

CEO of @beartail. Student at @tsukuba-university university. Worked at big computer magazine companies as a technical writer and founded smartphone news web media.

ID 366668

Hiroyuki Haga

Founder of Placie. Worked at GREE, Autodesk, Alias|wavefront. Developer and Product Manager. GLOBIS MBA. Computer Science BS at University of Aizu.

ID 80777

Atsuhiko Kimura

CEO & Co-Founder at co-meeing Inc.

ID 63384

Ronald Bell


Entrepreneur & software developer. Founded Bell Standard, Inc. Created over 750 apps for the iTunes Store.

ID 248428

Birkir A. Barkarson

Veteran software engineer with a BS in Physics. Experience with building and managing teams of engineers, setting up efficient workflows and processes.

ID 614361

Takeaki Kubota

Launched 4 successful Android apps and 3 successful iOS apps. Worked at aitia.

ID 168450

Thomas Prost

Studied and worked in France, England and USA. Worked for different startups in San Francisco,London and Lyon.Now willing to discover the working world of Tokyo

ID 544472

Nishant Rodrigues

Developed a distributed telephony/voice-trading platform at IFS. Strong C++ and linux background.

ID 575620

Bruno Toshio Sugano

Software engineer, Founder of Init, Lover of puzzles and challenges.

ID 316313

Garrett Albright

PHP/Drupal web developer; 7+ years professional experience from California to Tokyo; currently in Boise. ObjC/Ruby too. Looking for additional contract work.

ID 688709

Kevin Adu-Sarkodie

ID 576763

Zeng Pengcheng

Master student at SJTU; now research intern of NII, Japan.

ID 531446

Shugo Numano

Working at IDC Frontier as Engineer.

ID 688963

Ying Huang

Kyoto-U CS Master degree. Works at GS.

ID 626378

Yusuke Mito

ID 232994

Maroun Baydoun

Software Engineer, advanced knowledge in Java and various web technologies, also competent in front-end development

ID 502992

Lang Thang

I graduated from Hanoi University Of Technology for a year. I am working as server side developer in a game development company. I am looking for a chance to work and touch with new and high technology with more challenge

ID 419770

Kensuke Nagae

Ruby Developer at @quipper, worked at @paperboy-co and @livedoor-com.

ID 455635

Paulus Ery Wasito Adhi

Generalist; Has passion on R&D; Mix creative and engineering skills;

ID 390459


Studied at @tsukuba-university

ID 491829


BS in CSE, Generalist with back-end as main, Launch 5 online social game including one iOS/Android Native app, Work at GREE Japan.

ID 347347


Project Manager and Computer Engineer

ID 350481

Damien Bigot

Mobile Developer at Step-In with strong designer background

ID 99067

Kensuke Oikawa

ID 235775

Kevin Aleman


Founder Tokyo Incubator @luxstack; sold 1st startup to @monster-worldwide; platform & app lead for Softbank, @yahoo-japan, @fujitsu; enterprise R&D for @adidas

ID 331393

Yoshiaki Tsutsumi

Founder Byus

ID 462960

ChangYub Je

I want to work with "Start Up Company" because I am eager to challenge. Please contact me!

ID 444227

Yuina Okubo

Students at Padjadjaran University, Nanza University. In learning about technologies and mobile development environment.

ID 514609

Dmytro Kovalov

Skilled infra engineer and architect. UNIX and web development.

ID 489545

Cristian Yamashita

More 14 years of experience developing solutions in telephony and web.

ID 464530

Chang Yub Je

I want to work with "Start Up Company" because I am eager to challenge. Please contact me! You can download my resume from here ( )

ID 377050

Pramendra Gupta

Software Engineer

ID 644941

Darren Evans

World class engineer with 20 years of experience. Worked at CERN, UBS, Walt Disney, Colt, amongst others.

ID 211420

Colin Magne

General manager and R&D engineer at SiliconStudio, Tokyo, Japan. Worked at a Startup in the Silicon Valley now bought by Microsoft.

ID 394488

Carlos Sainz

Senior Java developer. 2 Msc. IT degrees. Spring certified developer. Worked across multiple industries; Proficient with DBs and HTML5 & CSS3.

ID 71528

David Hagege

Founder of @myndpage. Fond of programming, linguistics and neurology. 1st freelance programming job at 18 for @novonordisk Laboratories. Graduated from Epitech.

ID 647074

Le Son Tung

ID 384678

Ryo Mikami

ID 387352


research software engineer and system administrator

ID 364189

Anu Zachariah

Worked at Capgemini

ID 24710

Kengo Nakamura

Founder @localgraph • Worked at @recruit

ID 105245

Daisaku Yamamoto

Founder @lelele

ID 339618

Hirokuni Kawasaki

Launched 2 android applications, made Linux Device Driver at Sony Mobile.

ID 658226

Paul Franz

Web designer since middle school, primarily work on independent gaming sites

ID 292556

Yuichi Akimoto

lead front-end engineer. I launched 7 seccessfull social games.

ID 83678

rifki fauzi

Freelance Ruby on rails developer. worked at Domikado, Kiranatama

ID 102932

Hiroki Sato

Developer / UX Designer.

ID 382048

Thomas Nathan Torchia

Experience with range of technologies. Proficient in C++, PHP, SQL, Shell, JavaScript, Python and quick to learn. Creator of Linux distribution 'noop linux'.

ID 275111


JS, go, Clojure

ID 331397

Soshi Hanamura

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