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ID 4282

Mike Uesugi

Co-Founder & CTO: @social-rewards, Inc., Screen Rewards Founder & CEO: Global Micro Solutions, Inc. Founder & Chairman: GMS Japan, Inc.

ID 154701

Jonathan Yaffe


CEO @anyroad • Cognitive Neuroscience at @berkeley • Founded KAIS International School in Tokyo. Founder of the Mirai Institute and

ID 25360

Yoshinari Yoshikawa


Founder of @digital-magic-labs(DML), @ip-infusion (an ACCESS Company) and Miselu.

ID 298729

Justin Sullivan


Internet entrpreneur + Angel. Founded Sublime IP. Managed Australia's first ISP; >20 years Internet experience. @insead-1 MBA. IP Attorney

ID 586

Amitt Mahajan


Founder of MyMiniLife/FarmVille; Was CTO of @zynga Japan; Created @zynga's core game framework; Investor in @heyday, @pixelapse, @hipmunk

ID 68587

Dominiek ter Heide

CTO & Co-founder of @bottlenose. Created web products, companies and development teams in Japan, Europe and US. Comp sci background. #machinelearning #bigdata

ID 283458

Christopher Wendel


Partner and CFO

ID 1793

Justin Waldron


Founder @zynga

ID 57095

Tom Callaghan


Co-founded M3 (TSE:2413). Created world's most successful pharma-to-physician online marketing channel. Transformed $2M startup capital into $1B market cap.

ID 88344

Gen Miyazawa


Founder @cirius-technology, @cirius-technologies-usa COO/CFO of the Marketing Solution Company at Yahoo! JAPAN.

ID 434491

Solomon Freeman Looi


Serial Entrepreneur. Within 10 years has ventured into Telco, ICT, MLM, FOREX, Hedge Fund, Events, Media Production & Business Consulting for Fortune 500.

ID 35890

Paul Ford

VP Product & Marketing @sendgrid Entrepreneur, Technologist, Strategist, Startup Advisor, VC Whisperer, Connector of Dots, Marketer & Creator of Cool Stuff

ID 16793

Eric Nakagawa

Co-founder of @simplehoney, shopping simplified. Founder of @icanhascheezburger. Millions of lols.

ID 1647

Robert Laing


CEO and co-Founder of Gengo

ID 102026

Daisuke Horie

Founder @fullcourt • Worked at @amazon, @yahoo-japan, @peatix, @six-apart • @500startups Mentor

ID 57782

Philippe Guelton


Angel Investor, Advisor, C-level Executive with 20 years of Media experience in print and digital platforms. Currently CEO at

ID 21655

Michael Hoydich

Firestarter @ Think Gaming // Previous: co-founder, @squrl, @industrynext

ID 10237

Wicks Walker


Founder of @division-films, @w4, Hydra, Investor in Path, Playsino, Titan Gaming, @evertune, @mp3-com, @net2phone

ID 42640

Jonathan Matus


CEO @zendrive. Making Driving A Rewarding Experience. Marketing, Product & Strategy @android, @facebook @boston-consulting-group

ID 44823

Shinji Asada


Director, ITOCHU Technology Ventures.

ID 408911

Jonathan Levine


Management Sensei ◦ Infrastructure Samurai ◦ Analytics Otaku ◦ Architecture Ninja. 1st programming job at 14. Effective in teams of 4 to 10,000.

ID 32271

Bryan Lee

Cofounder @intraix. Graduated @national-university-of-singapore. Self taught @ios-developer. Worked at @yahoo

ID 48203

Kiyo Kobayashi


Founder and CEO @remotus @nobot

ID 360743

Tokiharu Noto

Hacker • Founder @wazanova • Worked at @dena, @ntt

ID 47123

Sunny Tsang

Co-founder of @anyperk. co-founded @goood-company, which was acquired. co-founded AppDorks. Designer.

ID 8966

Yusuke Takahashi

Working on @appsocially. Cycle Road Racer. Writer @GrowthHackerjp @jpTechCrunch @StartupDating @Shimizukobundo

ID 138555

Takao Ozawa

Angel,entrepreneur in Japan.Founded @bizseek(acquired by @rakuten for 20M$),@crocos,@nanapi,@starfestival. Invested in over 10 companies.

ID 302469

Nao Tokui

Co-Founder and CTO of @unda. Studied at Tokyo University. Devoted surfer and PhD of Engineering.

ID 21420

Yu Shinohara

Co-Founder and CEO @amazinglife, Japan Country manager @dropmysite, Previous Founder and CEO @everconnect.

ID 88565

Jack O'Holleran

Co-Founder, VP of Sales and BD at Aktana. Sales/Biz Dev/Product Mngt specialist. Big data, analytics, and mobile expertise. Former D-1 College Football Player.

ID 125521

Sandeep Casi

Virtual Reality @general-motors , Led System Group @industrial-light-magic, Research Scientist @Fuji Xerox PAL, DCinema @fujifilm, Founder @cinemacraft

ID 29445

Nicholas Wang

Co-founder at @100village Driven to solve big social problems. Co-founded @makible, product managed [email protected] Ex @yahoo, @microsoft.

ID 80879

Mark McFarlane

Founder @vinetrade • Worked at @marono-media-k-k, @peatix • Studied at @university-of-sussex, @university-of-brighton

ID 215635

Satoshi Sugie

Co-Founder & CEO @whill , @smile-park, @500startups • Worked at @nissan-motors • Studied at @ritsumeikan-asia-pacific-university, @nanjing University(China)

ID 43386

Mayel de Borniol

@babelverse Co-Founder. Glomad. Ideator. Hacker. Maker. Winner @ LeWeb, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch Disrupt. Alumni @500startups, @startupchile, @startupweekend

ID 124340

Gen Isayama


Early stage venture capital. Focus in consumer media, mobile and EC. Expert in US-Japan cross border biz dev and investments.

ID 121321

Benjamin Trotter

CEO Founder of @storefront-social. Creator of SushiGuru, @storefront-social, @spekkle and many more. Global Marketing, International experience, fluent Japanese.

ID 478465

Rob Pereyda

Otaku, gamer, media executive, business developer, ex-chemist, producer-director, Japanese speaker, world traveler, recipe-maker, hot dog.

ID 172837

Oscar Noriega

Co-founder & CEO of @unda. Serial entrepreneur, hustler. Founded my first company at age 17. Technologist and web pioneer in Latin America.

ID 197119

Jin Koh


Founder Original Stitch, @startforce • Worked at @splashtop • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 11830

Satoshi Suzuki

Co-Founder and CEO of @wondershake, Evangelist, Hustler and a Dreamer.

ID 43086

Josef Dunne

Co-Founder/CEO of @babelverse. TEDx Organiser. Community Builder. Jungle Survivor. Frequent Traveller & Glomad.

ID 91957

Jason Winder

Business Co-Founder of MakeLeaps, a B2B SaaS Invoicing platform. 13 years in Japan, 10+ years running a business here. Fluent in Japanese.

ID 2824

Lee Smith

Co-Founder & CTO of: Exco Financial Services, including, and Wavecell, Global SMS aggregator. Nozara, research & investment.

ID 464479

Adam Smith

C#.NET, MSSQL Web & Desktop Developer / Consultant

ID 153115

Akiko Naka

Founder @wantedly • Worked at @facebook, @goldman-sachs • Studied at @kyoto-university

ID 154515

Chao Zhang

Co-Founder | President | CTO of ubi interactive inc. / @ubi-interactive / Human Computer Interaction, ex-Vodafone, ex-Siemens, ex-Philips, CDTM, TUM Alumnus

ID 153106

Gaku Hagiwara

Founder @wantedly • Worked at @goldman-sachs • Studied at @kyoto-university

ID 35010

Sascha Konietzke

Mobile, web & cloud enthusiast. Webmaster at VC-funded startup with 15. Former IT Consulting + Web Ops at HP. Previous mobile startup experience. iOS developer.

ID 251332

Aileen Gemma Smith

CEO Vizalytics Technology • Content janitor. Worked at @razorfish, @FinancialTimes @newsweek • Studied at @city-university-of-new-york, Former IBCLC with private practice.

ID 48508

Bora Savas


Investment partner at, serial entrepreneur. EIR at My previous startup ( is acquired by which is Japan's largest product-price data analysis company.

ID 187520

Kristopher Tate

Hi there, I'm kristopher. I create experiences wherever I go and right now, I'm in Kyoto. CEO at connectFree k.k., founder of @zooomr -- remember to say hello!

ID 91964

Paul Oswald

First visited Japan in 2005. Founded MakeLeaps in 2010 to focus my 12+ years of software experience in startups and enterprise on the Japanese SME space.

ID 52694

Yeh Eduardo

Co-founder/CEO at @selvz. Co-Founder/CEO @iPing/MrWakeup (acquired by eCal); Investor/Advisor @Conatus Energia (Brazil)

ID 109745

Aaron Rutledge

Founder @little-arrows & @valet-1, previously founder @poke-new-york and @winedirect.

ID 94723

Mikaal Abdulla


I am the co founder & CEO of 8 Securities. My journey has taken me through Silicon Valley, New York, London, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong and now Tokyo.

ID 119789

Tushar Khandelwal

Helping travelers discover unique experiences @voyagin. Indian tech geek / entrepreneur from Japan, @columbia-university Eng grad, previously @producteev, @social-bicycles

ID 196674

Ricardo Porto


Investor @30k • Investor @airhelp • Investor •Studied at @rutgers-university-newark, @iscte-lisboa

ID 89850

Jeffrey Char

Serial entrepreneur. CEO at J-Seed Ventures and Chief Mentor at @venture-generation, a Tokyo-based venture community.

ID 23594

Casey Grooms

Co-Founder @pocketmath, • Studied Economics/Math at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 355441

Alexander Wilhelm

Manager - Client Engineering @cinemacraft, Partner and CTO at BluSoft Inc., Strong background in UI/UX & Backend design and implementation. Never sleeps.

ID 268458

Heather R Morgan

Economist, Writer & Globetrotter. Cold emails are my superpower. @500startups

ID 36883

Federico Bucchi

My studies and strong interest in information and communications technology, computer science, social networking and the web have become my career.

ID 331879

Takamitsu Mizutori

Working on @unda as Android developer. Have made more than 30 apps for iOS and Android devices. Founder of @goldrush-computing (Tokyo based app dev company)

ID 22285

Akihiko Yamada

Founder @j-grab-inc • Worked at @ebay, @yahoo-japan

ID 52063

Craig Carapelho

Founder and CEO of @3d-travel, a travel-tech startup that raised $3.5MM. Founder and CEO of @team-vision, a successful interactive agency for over 15 years.

ID 260452

Sergio Arcos Sebastián

Researcher, Security Auditor, Developer, Software Architect, Enterpreteneur, ...

ID 51507

Vili Lehdonvirta

Leading scholar and consultant on virtual economies and digital labor. Splitting my time between London School of Economics and a startup. Ex-game developer

ID 168245

Hadrien Raffalli

Founder @cottontracks • Worked at @demand-media • Studied at @hec-paris, @telecom-paristech

ID 54585

Eddie Palmer

Creator of Dynamic Paper. Energy efficient display technology for e-readers identical to paper. Background in product development of unique display tech.

ID 400287

Jay Zimmermann

Was in on the ground floor @the-orchard, @digital-rights-agency, @electronic-arts, @digital-music-group-inc, @red-melon-records • Cognitive Science at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 122129

Hiroshige Umino

CEO of Increments, the top prize company of Open Network Lab 4th batch. Worked at @google, @hatena.

ID 30212

Alex Polyakov

Founder of @locomizer, a B2B geo-behavioral targeting engine to help companies monetize on targeted recommendations and advertising.

ID 57668

Dominik Steiner


CEO @marono-media-k-k

ID 136631

Nicolas Loeillot


CEO of LM3LABS • Technology management roles @accenture, @nortel-networks @gartner • Engineering + MBA education.

ID 6869

Ian Wilson

Japan Market Entry Manager and Senior AI Developer at Skimlinks (User Intent and Text understanding), Founder of @expressi (emotional relevance), @emotion-ai. Co Founded @zukool (machine learning / recommendation). BSc Artificial Intelligence.

ID 228442

Dmitri Tcherbadji

Artist, Founder @artsocket @eureka-1 @hechnr-business-engines-inc-1

ID 30776

Yoshihiko Kinoshita

I invest in 5-10 startups @ $30K a year.

ID 186663

Joel Dietz

Codes. Dreams. @Penn @Brown @salesforce MVP. Founder @swarm

ID 80882

Tak Tsuchiya

Co-founder of Remotus and currently in charge of business development.

ID 196104

Yoshiki C. Yasui

Founder & CEO @origami-4

ID 81793

Hilo Iketani

CEO at E-Fi Entreprenuer. Independent Marketing Consultant and CMO for start-ups. Strong Business Background. Looking for a job.

ID 127091

Russel Cheng

Co-founder @readerie; Co-founder XM Asia, acq by WPP Group; Founded Organic Asia, IPO in 2000; Worked at @microsoft, Beacon Communications/Leo Burnett Japan.

ID 272754

Michael Reinsch

Co-Founder of Doorkeeper. Enthusiastic Web Developer (10+ years) and Entrepreneur. Startup Weekend Facilitator.

ID 47141

Yuki Nishijima

Ruby on Rails contributor, Kaminari maintainer(watched by +2600 on Github). experience in programming for +10 years.

ID 78056

Toby Hoenisch

StudyPact Founder. MSc in Big Data. Deep passion for behavioral design. Entrepreneur & full-stack dev since age 10. I get things done.

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 221892

James Hollow

CEO at Profero Tokyo, Founder Growth Hacking Japan, 500 Startups Mentor. Japan-focused brand strategist & growth hacker, bilingual, WPP Fellow, OxfordUni MPhys

ID 512170

Qn. Everlena Brown

Media Mogul behind #QEBLLC @QEBVLogTV #PublishingQEB #QEBStudios & #QEBFoundation. NEWS TIPS #4045329232

ID 44495

Silver Hage

Serial entrepreneur. Co-Founder at @basaar & @siison. Studied marketing and finance at the University of Tartu and Waseda University in Tokyo.

ID 65669

Hiroaki Taira

CEO of GOOPA Inc. Lived in Silicon Valley for 8.5 years. Animation major at Tokyo Polytechnic University. Worked at amana inc. as newly graduate.

ID 509880

Ricardo Sousa

Founder Vitanect • Worked at @medtronic, @eli-lilly, @arthur-andersen • Studied at @insead-1, @universidade-nova-de-lisboa

ID 63473

Masa Nakatsu

Co-Founder, CEO of CoinPass. Ex Director, Regional Head of APAC, Global RTB Team, at Criteo, BD Manager at Groupon, also Co-Founder of Musavy

ID 18923

Marcus Tonndorf

Swedish Entrepreneur and currently founder of Primal Shield. 5 Countries, 5 companies, 5 Languages and 5 areas of expertise.

ID 102976

Ash Eldritch

Software engineer with 14 years’ experience as a technology leader, architect and entrepreneur in enterprise & high-volume web. Building a Google Glass startup.

ID 50935

Martin Konrad


Founder at @design Royale (acquired dec'12). Founder at @drumo

ID 147855

Sean Bonner


ID 20170

Denny Britz

Builds stuff. CS @berkeley and @stanford-university. Likes Machine Learning, Big Data, UX Design, Lean Startups. Lived in US, Germany, Japan, Thailand.

ID 1420

Atsu Wada


Founder @j-grab-inc • Worked at @ebay, @ctc-enterprises • Studied at American University from Pennsylvania and Master degree in Japan Social Science.

ID 107119

Andrew Smith Lewis

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder of Cerego LLC

ID 140649

Barbara Lippe

Founder. Art Director. Launched mobile app Area Now. Game industry conference planner. Worked @ startups in Tokyo & Vienna. Speaker @ MIT, GDC, Gamescom. PhD.

ID 99581


Founder @everyone @recipay-com-1

ID 53841

Shota Morozumi

Work at @samurai-incubate-1 which is a seed-Investor. Director/Event Organizer/

ID 50681

Hiro Fukami

ex-Co-founder of @fluxflex. Network/Infra Engineer, @amazon EC2/AutoScaling, iPhone Apps Dev, Internet Backbone Operation(BGP). Worked at NTT, IRI, transcosmos

ID 194111

Fon Tran

Founder @yoketown, Sence • Worked at @goldman-sachs, @morgan-stanley • Studied at @stanford-university, @university-of-waterloo

ID 332642

Pietro Zuco

Mobile Developer, Photographer, Blogger.

ID 34486

Yefeng Liu

Founder @diggerlab • Worked at @microsoft-research, @tokyo-institute-of-technology-1 • Studied at @waseda, @chalmers-institute-of-technology

ID 338525

Hirokazu Morita

CEO of Origoh (Current). Rocket Engineer in JAXA, Public Officer in Japan, Statistian, Chicago Booth MBA 2013 (Sponsored by Government) and Art lover.

ID 510566

Cindy Lin

Co-Founder/COO/General Counsel of Global EduGate • Worked as IP lawyer at @the-coca-cola-company • Studied at @georgetown-university, @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 68120

Kei Nishiyama

Co-founder & Chairman of Ticketstreet, online marketplace of Sports/Concert/Thertre tickets in Japan. Serial entrepreneur, Angel investor.

ID 135639

Hideyuki Shoda

Co-Founder and CEO of 10SEC

ID 81249

Jordan Scott

Founder and CEO of @godigex. Strong international business background (operations at ConAgra Foods, marketing at Brambles). MBA @georgia-institute-of-technology 2009 - Batts Fellow.

ID 90216


An ex-director of mixi Inc. that is one of popular Japanese socia network service.

ID 301558

Pierre Gaulis

Entrepreneur based in Tokyo and CEO at Cream - Mobile Marketing Lab.

ID 446

Nino Popa

Software Developer, Engineer, Founder. Worked at @business-objects. Worked in Japan, Canada, Romania, India.

ID 151838

Ryan Roth

Founded Roth Management, Founding board member of the Catalina Film Festival.

ID 52223

Ski Muir Milburn


Serial cleantech entrepreneur with successful startup, IPO, secondary, turn-around and MBO experience. Currently CEO of VAIREX air systems.

ID 199289

Toshihiko Kamei

ID 20728

Keiji Ono


CEO of @net8. I met the internet in 1995 at the first. In that time i worked for JustNet that was ISP of Justsytem corp. Then found own company in 1999.

ID 252368

Tomoaki Sato

Founder islamap Studying Waseda University I'm now in MOVIDA School by Taizo Son. Graduated Kaisei High&Middle Hish School.

ID 42684

Takara Bullock

Founder of @hitch-d. Mother of two. Web Designer and Fulbright Fellow. Former Tech Recruiter in Tokyo.

ID 120916

Ryutaro Yokoyama

Founder of Etsuri

ID 125991

Yusuke Ohsaki

Founder @bulqy • Worked at @deloitte-consulting, @sap

ID 40350

Russ Ferguson

Interactive Developer Web/Device Developing Second Screen experiences

ID 102949

Tai Watanabe

CEO of MediaProbe Inc.

ID 362867

David R

Creative problem solver. Founded, ran and sold online travel startup. Strong online background from @expedia and @mckinsey-company

ID 263203

Satoshi Taniguchi

Founder Mystar-Japan Business Solutions • Studied at @keio-university

ID 255965

Carl Magnuson


Designer turned entrepreneur turned angel investor. Co-founder of LELO (sold), co-founder of Dreamler, founder of Criterion Investments.

ID 122470

Ryo Kawamura

Software engineer who has speciality in machine learning.

ID 25505

Bart T. Sitek

Founder @securo, @instatrip

ID 497404

Susumu Kato

Worked at @recruit, @recruit Holdings • Studied at @keio-university

ID 171079

John B

Significant Experience in IT Ops, LiveOPS, IT Support, and Customer Support.

ID 72749

Yoshi Iketani

Owner & CIO of @skyavy, INC.

ID 130734

Brian de Heus

Founder @tabego • Worked at @gree-international-inc, @wizcorp

ID 426586

TT Chu

Worked at @morgan-stanley @pwc @credit-suisse @bnp-paribas • Studied at @london-school-of-economics • Member of MENSA • Speaks four different languages

ID 329165

Momoko Nakamura

Co-Founder of @porter-sail. Ideated and executed global digital strategies for brands like Food Network and Masterchef. Barnard College graduate in Economics.

ID 139964

Benjamin Sullivan

Founder/Engineer @tadaku • Studied at @university-of-massachusetts-amherst • Bostonian abroad

ID 115203

C. Demetrakos

Japan. Two decades, marketing, strategy, m&a, deals in b. Actually knows what "wa" means. Rode the 9.0 no hands.

ID 509925

Takafumi Shibasaki

Co-founder of @10sec.

ID 246597

Allen Wang

Founder Skimtoon and LVC Investment, Specialize in Financial analysis and operations Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 266331

Ryota Sekine

Co-founder at FitnessCubed. UChicago alum. ChicagoBooth MBA admit. Health, Energy, Art.

ID 39243

Yuichi Kori

Founder of Otsumu Inc.

ID 43464

Sorato Ijichi

Founder of Founder @skyavy, Inc (US). Founder @skyavy Group, (Japan). Founder @jmarket-com (sold).

ID 520391

Ryo Suzuki

Founder and developer of Cumiki. Ph.D student at University of Tokyo department of Economics. I'm a developer of Node, Rails, and iOS.

ID 513669

Ulas Bardak

Founder @coffeebreak • Worked at @stumbleupon, @microsoft • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 103494

Masahiko INADA

Masahiko Inada is a Founder & CEO at kabuku Inc., a leading startup relating making things in Japan.

ID 396203

Aiu Eo


Founded two companies in Japan

ID 131431

Hajime Kuwayama

Founder of ZenClerk. We help e-commerce websites to close sales. Wanna surprise the world!

ID 467009

Etienne Noreau-Hebert

Founder and CTO of @liine • Worked at @vantrix • Studied at @university-of-montreal • Maker of things

ID 80777

Atsuhiko Kimura

CEO & Co-Founder at co-meeing Inc.

ID 68127

Yuki Hamada

Founder of @cybridge, @cybridge Mobile. Investor in @axion, @fan-appli, @soratobu, @predge, @pa-corp. Team member of @cybridge.

ID 3508

Kevin Dias

Experienced Ruby on Rails programmer. Business, analytics and finance background. Previously worked at @pnc-capital-markets.

ID 494983

Cain Lu

Founder @tier5 • Worked at @google, @microsoft • B.S./M.S @johns-hopkins-university

ID 20986

Satoru K

COO,CFO of @cafeworx-inc

ID 135623

Kenichi Kurosaki

CEO of @beartail. Student at @tsukuba-university university. Worked at big computer magazine companies as a technical writer and founded smartphone news web media.

ID 63384

Ronald Bell


Entrepreneur & software developer. Founded Bell Standard, Inc. Created over 750 apps for the iTunes Store.

ID 38642

Aaron Lovelace

Co-Founder @beestripe. Analytics Consultant for @microsoft, T-Mobile, Home Depot, Alaska Air. Founded Speekit which serves language learners in 176 countries.

ID 61187

Gary Rickert

Visionary, Entrepreneur and Investor

ID 38500

Hiroshi Shimo

Web Developer ex-startup founder & CEO: AHO Corporation(former @netaten-inc

ID 267659

Yoichiro Hara

Co-founder COO of Molcure, Co-founder CEO of Mashroom, Founder of iDEFIX

ID 160595

Kazunobu Seto

Founder @makamaka

ID 572174

João Orui

Worked at @mixi-inc

ID 35147

Kenichi Takano

Team member of @marketgeek.

ID 129513

Kenryu Sato

Founder of Ednity. Ednity is a collaborative learning platform for classrooms.

ID 325103

Hiroki Takeuchi Ph.D.


ID 309740

Jon Clemons

Tokyo, Japan-based marketer, entrepreneur, tea aficionado and outdoorsman.

ID 33939

Tatsuo Sato

Co-Founder, CEO of @shiroube - The marketplace linking travelers with local residents to enable users to freely seek micro local guides. -

ID 666905

Takafumi Haseda

Co-founder/CEO of Oarket Inc. Planning to move office to CA, USA. Studied at @tokyo Metropolitan. International retail background (Tribox Inc., a puzzle shop)

ID 275195

Scott Lambert

Founder The Manx Entertainment Group, @conceptuous • Studied at @southern-cross-university

ID 122141

Takanori Yokoi

COO of Increments,the top prize company of Open Network Lab 4th batch.Open Network Lab is one of the most famous incubation in japan.Worked at Rakuten.

ID 79809

Konno Motoi

Co founder of @mashroom-fm. @mashroom-fm help people playing instruments at home and participate in virtual jam session and practice with others.

ID 71528

David Hagege

Founder of @myndpage. Fond of programming, linguistics and neurology. 1st freelance programming job at 18 for @novonordisk Laboratories. Graduated from Epitech.

ID 60864

Sedol Lee

Director of @entsure. Pro Go player. World Rank #1. Won 35 Championships (15 major int'l titles). Over 40 million fans in Asia (China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan).

ID 24710

Kengo Nakamura

Founder @localgraph • Worked at @recruit

ID 212612

Karl Caldeira

A Managing Partner of TMC Japan, Karl Caldeira focuses on developing the firm’s and search and recruitment techniques.

ID 124422

Toru Tokikawa

Presidet & CEO at @rivertime-entertainment Inc. Creative at @dentsu Inc. Film Director with

ID 295644

Andrew Cameron

Owner Muchacho Clothing. Founded 2007. Worked at Macquarie Bank, JP Morgan, Citco Fund Services. We are a swim and streetwear brand based in Sydney, Australia

ID 56930

KUWATA Naonori

ID 125701

Kiana Danial

CEO @invest-diva

ID 194033

Kazuki Otsuka

Founder of @thinkx-inc

ID 81079

Wada Masataka

CEO of @miracoro. Master of pharmacy. worked at parexel international, dispensing pharmacy.

ID 415550

Chef Paul Simeon

Worked at @regal-farms-llc-1

ID 403230

Ryotaro Chikushi

Founder MoreTrax

ID 215907

Dean Rainey

Founder @tabego

ID 235775

Kevin Aleman


Founder Tokyo Incubator @luxstack; sold 1st startup to @monster-worldwide; platform & app lead for Softbank, @yahoo-japan, @fujitsu; enterprise R&D for @adidas

ID 101484

Yusuke Ohsaki

ID 347973

Masaru Suzuki

Enthusiast, passionate about new tech and wearable devices. Founder @mmt-and-co, @syncbiz-pte-ltd • Worked at @77hz-ltd

ID 331393

Yoshiaki Tsutsumi

Founder Byus

ID 142798

Sounosuke Kita

Founder of IGL-Art Inc. Film Producer, Director, Writer. Mainly make samurai movies.

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