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ID 89850

Jeffrey Char

Serial entrepreneur. CEO at J-Seed Ventures and Chief Mentor at @venture-generation, a Tokyo-based venture community.

ID 15521

Craig Mod


Writer, designer. Previously product designer for @flipboard. Advisor for @medium, @955dreams. Mentor at @500startups & @designer-fund. Investor in @oyster, @editorially, @tokyo-otaku-mode, @timbuktu-labs. 2011 TechFellow. 2012 MacDowell fellow.

ID 268458

Heather R Morgan

Economist, Writer & Globetrotter. Cold emails are my superpower. @500startups

ID 174506

Stephanie Ardrey

Founder @iVentLABS Business Accelerator, @ArdreyGroup LLC • Partner at @K5 Launch Alliance @maverick Angels

ID 187520

Kristopher Tate

Hi there, I'm kristopher. I create experiences wherever I go and right now, I'm in Kyoto. CEO at connectFree k.k., founder of @zooomr -- remember to say hello!

ID 8836

Eric Kwan


Founding engineer at • Ex-Facebook, Yahoo • Studied at Stanford, CMU • Specialized in User Acquisition, Internationalization & Growth • Angel

ID 54369

Jean-Baptiste Soufron

Secretary-General of the French National Digital Council, essayist and journalist, former CLO of the Wikimedia Foundation, Lawyer, Business Angel, Entrepreneur

ID 53584

Paul Papadimitriou

Innovation strategy. Advisor to startups and programs in emerging markets.

ID 9934

John Stokes


Co-Founder of early stage VC, @real-ventures (Montreal, Canada) and an investor in the FounderFuel Accelerator.

ID 88388

Jun Nakajima


Founder & CEO at Archtype(Incubator). Former COO at Inspire Corp. Worked on Dentsu.(Internet business specialist) Mentor of NTT com Open Lab,

ID 76129

Nobby Yoshida


Former entrepreneur and capitalist himself, currently advises enterprises and mentors startups worldwide. Also teaches at SBI Graduate School of Business.

ID 347128

Tadaaki Kimura (Tad)


CEO of addlight Inc. / Director of some Japanese start-ups / Angel Investor

ID 408911

Jonathan Levine


Management Sensei ◦ Infrastructure Samurai ◦ Analytics Otaku ◦ Architecture Ninja. 1st programming job at 14. Effective in teams of 4 to 10,000.

ID 120197

Dr. Serkan Toto

Tokyo-based consultant focused on Japan's web, mobile and social gaming industries, Japan contributor for TechCrunch

ID 51186

Kazuya Minami


Advising early stage startups globally as Trailnavi, Inc. (Founded in April, 2013) Invested in @twitter, @path and etc. when I worked at Digital Garage.

ID 81793

Hilo Iketani

CEO at E-Fi Entreprenuer. Independent Marketing Consultant and CMO for start-ups. Strong Business Background. Looking for a job.

ID 159173

Casey Wahl


Red Brick Ventures is an incubation and acceleration platform dedicated to unleashing the entrepreneurial potential of Japan.

ID 147855

Sean Bonner


ID 203654

David Luhman


Undergrads and MBA from Colorado Univ. IRS Enrolled Agent. Experience in Japan and Silicon Valley. Now working with US-AU-CN-JP-EU (especially "mundane") SMBs.

ID 125701

Kiana Danial

CEO @invest-diva

ID 87277

Neil Rubens

Assistant Professor (Machine Learning) @university-of-electro-communications Tokyo, Japan

ID 316903

Eswar Mani


Investor&Fundraiser @masdar, Banker @credit-suisse-first-boston-csfb & Techie @merrill-lynch; MIT Sloan MBA '08, Undergrad LSE '01; born, raised & from Tokyo

ID 30776

Yoshihiko Kinoshita

I invest in 5-10 startups @ $30K a year.

ID 136631

Nicolas Loeillot


CEO of LM3LABS • Technology management roles @accenture, @nortel-networks @gartner • Engineering + MBA education.

ID 347973

Masaru Suzuki

Enthusiast, passionate about new tech and wearable devices. Founder @mmt-and-co, @syncbiz-pte-ltd • Worked at @77hz-ltd

ID 263203

Satoshi Taniguchi

Founder Mystar-Japan Business Solutions • Studied at @keio-university

ID 127091

Russel Cheng

Co-founder @readerie; Co-founder XM Asia, acq by WPP Group; Founded Organic Asia, IPO in 2000; Worked at @microsoft, Beacon Communications/Leo Burnett Japan.

ID 51507

Vili Lehdonvirta

Leading scholar and consultant on virtual economies and digital labor. Splitting my time between London School of Economics and a startup. Ex-game developer

ID 418224

Tyler Breton

Founder & CEO @makemoji, Co-Founder @quickfra-me, Investor RealVu, Founder Saving Power (RIP); @bentley-university University BS 2009

ID 90216


An ex-director of mixi Inc. that is one of popular Japanese socia network service.

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